In June 2021, Senate Bill 554, Act 65 amended the Pennsylvania Sunshine Law.

Specifically, Act 65 amends Section 709 of the Sunshine Act (relating to the giving of public notice) to require every political subdivision do all of the following:

  • Post the meeting agenda on the political subdivision’s website at least 24 hours prior to a meeting, which agenda must include a list of each matter that may be considered at the meeting;
  • Physically post the agenda at the meeting location, as well as at the principal office of the political subdivision;
  • Distribute copies of the agenda to all members of the public in attendance.

Beginning in October, Jackson Township will post the meeting agenda on this website, at the Stone Creek Valley Vol. Fire Co. building and on the office door located at 13233 Greenwood Rd, Huntingdon. Hard copies will be available the night of the meeting.